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Kill running Android applications

Advanced Task Killer provides a very simple way to view which applications are currently running on your device then close any of them with the tap of a button.

Android doesn't come with its own application manager, so if you want a way to quickly kill running apps you should install a program such as Advanced Task Killer. The program displays the apps in a list and you just tick the boxes next to the ones you want to kill, before hitting the Kill selected apps button. It's that easy.

Although it's not a complex program, there are a few options within Advanced Task Killer that could make your life easier. You can choose to show the Advanced Task Killer icon in the notification bar for easier access, customize the appearance of the running items list, set up an ignore list, and program click and long press actions. You can also change set a security level to allow more apps to be displayed.

Advanced Task Killer is very easy to use and it could become an indispensable tool to help you make your Android phone run faster. Applications may run on startup or launch in the background when you're not expecting it, and with Advanced Task Killer you'll be able to spot and stop these in an instant.

It doesn't quite have the same level of features as Astro File Manager, but Advanced Task Killer offers a very quick way to kill running apps.


  • Very simple to use
  • Kill multiple apps with one tap
  • Ignore list
  • Adjust the security levels


  • You can't view all individual processes


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Advanced Task Killer


Advanced Task Killer 2.0.3B203 for Android


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    The Best Task Killer For Android.
    Advanced Task Killer is the best task killer available for Android. It is highly customizable wMore

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